Miss Mommy

Author(s): Umm Saleh

Illustrator(s): N Scabuso

Publisher: Independently published

Year: 2019

Topics: Homeschooling


Going to school is a big milestone in a child’s life, and this should be no different for a homeschooled child. Equip your child with the confidence to share how homeschooling is something to be proud of and look forward to. The only book written for especially for Muslim homeschooled children, this book is perfect for children new in their homeschool adventures and for helping homeschool children share their school adventures with their friends! Visit http://www.HappyMuslimHomeschool.com for more support, resources and ideas

Brief Synopsis: 

The story is about a homeschooling mom and reflects what homeschooling looks like. The kids proudly talk about how their mom teaches them the Quran, science, history, art and even baking! 

Why I like it: 

  • This is the ONLY book about a MUSLIM homeschool
  • I love how the kids are so proud of their mom and being homeschooled
  • It builds self confidence of homeschooled kids and also gives them a dialogue to have with their public schooled friends
  • (It’s in “British english”, and has the word “loo” which my American toddler finds hilarious!)

Things that could be improved: 

Well if you ask a four year old, it would’ve been better to have eyes on the faces! They found it odd that all the characters in their contemporary books have eyes. What we ended up doing was talking about ‘how do YOU think their eyes would be like?’ And the kids had fun making faces and guessing what the expressions of the kids would be. 

Additional Activities: 

  • Draw an appreciation picture of your homeschooling class and hang it on the fridge
  • Take pictures (or draw them) of the different things you do in your homeschool and have the kids make their own book. 

Pinterest Board: 


If you homeschool, this is a MUST have book that’s a good representation of your lifestyle in such a positive way! When I initially got it I wasn’t sure if we’d read it more than once or twice. However after a recent “argument” between one of my kids and her cousin which included high pitch screaming at the top of their lungs with comments like “my teacher is better than your teacher” and “my teacher is a real teacher!”, we pulled it out again. It helped my daughter communicate (in a more dignified manner!) that her homeschooling is REAL learning and that she actually enjoys learning this way. She was also proudly described through the illustrations how we learn life skills,creative math, Quran, Praying, Science through field trips, baking, history, painting and reading stories! She happily explained that homeschooling is actually “COOL” and we learn so much more than she would in a public school. So glad the book covers all of it! This may be a book we refer to from time to time for that boost of “Homeschooling is fun” attitude. 

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