What Is This Blog About?

I love kids books but have had a REALLY hard time finding books. There’s no easy way to find Islamic Kids books in one place. Also don’t even get me started on search engines and even amazon! I LOVE amazon.com and its made my life so much easier. But countless times it DOES NOT show me Islamic books as easily it shows other books. There have been times I’ve typed the entire title, and it didn’t show me any results until I put the authors FULL name in it. With two books it didn’t show me results even with the entire title and author name, but surprisingly showed the link when I searched for it in google. So I started saving pictures of the books I came across on my phone to refer to when I’m ready to buy them. But with thousands of pictures on my phone it wasn’t that practical! That’s why I put them on my computer and organized them according to topic. (LOL! I’m a homeschooling mom so I make units all the time).  Anyways the main reason I started this project is to make it easier for people to find quality books around the world, and also as a reference for myself so I can refer back to my lists! The books marked with “REVIEWED” are the ones I own/read (and Insh’Allah will be posting reviews for them soon). The rest are pretty much my “Reading List”. (That’s why I’m completely looking forward to your comments on which books you recommend or don’t recommend!)

Now coming to the point about reviews and why they’re important. As far as I know the more reviews a book gets on amazon the more that book pops up in searches. So I urge everybody to spend just a minute to write a review (or at least a rating) on amazon for all the kid’s Islamic books you’ve read. If you are a book reviewer, just copy paste a portion from your website/blog/post on amazon as well! This will definitely support Muslim authors, but also help us all as a community.  I know many public school teachers looking to include Ramadan and Eid books in their classrooms but are unable to find quality books in basic google/amazon searches. So even though they want to be inclusive — it’s difficult! I really believe that we should all play a part in promoting books that represent our children!

So to raise awareness about books is why I started writing reviews. While writing about a book I realized I should share talking points and how parents can do additional activities with their kids. That’s why now I add an “activities” section and Pinterest board to each review. I’m not much of “writer” so even my reviews are just mostly bullet points!

I also believe in supporting Muslim authors and small businesses. That’s why I decided to add an Authors page where I will be adding Authors and their websites so you can go see what they’re upto and find updated news on their Instagram. Another issue I was having was- that once I found a book I didn’t know where to buy it! So I’ve included a list of bookstores according to country. Many of them ship internationally, and I will Inshallah be adding more information on them.

Lastly, I believe that we need books representing Muslim Kids in public libraries. So the Library Project started as a book drive we had in our community. Inshallah I’ll be sharing the list of books we came up with for the year 2020 so you have an idea on which books to donate to your local library and PUBLIC SCHOOL libraries!

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