Muslim Dolls Roundup

Someone recently asked me about #muslimdolls for a little girl, and I was completely blank. I remember there was a fulla doll once upon a time, but I haven’t even looked at dolls for over 2 decades! So I decided to look around for what is available these days and Mashallah I’m super impressed by the amount and quality! Here’s a list of dolls available on their official websites, amazon, target, walmart, and at various other stores.

1. Salaam Sisters

The @salam.sisters dolls are just fabulous! There’s a variety in the ethnicity you can choose and because they are a standard 18” doll, there are SO MANY accessories literally everywhere that can go with them!

2. Hearts for Hearts Girls

@heartsforhearts has many dolls representing girls from all over the world. They have a 14” poseable doll featuring the hijab – Shola from Afghanistan!

3. Selma’s Dolls

@selmasdolls are cute plush dolls available with or without hijabs.

4. Khadija Doll

@khadijahandcat‘s Khadija doll is a book related doll! You can also find the cat and dragon plush toys too!

5. My Little Muslims Friends

These little muslim dolls are cute plushes, and are available in boy and girl dolls. They’re made by the @desidollcompany

6. Itsy Bitsy Muslim Puppets

@itsybitsymuslims has these super cute puppets for putting on a puppet show with the kids or just great for  story time as well!

7. Amina and Yusuf Dolls

These Amina and Yusuf talking dolls have been around for a while and are also made by @desidollcompany. They do have newer cartridges for more phrases.

8. Little Maysoor Dolls

@littlemaysoor doll family is also book/video related! They have talking dolls as well

9. Ibtihaj Muhammad Barbie

I didn’t include barbies because well technically every barbie can be a “muslim barbie” by just buying accessory clothes (lots of options on Etsy! Or sew make your own). But I wanted to include this Ibtihaj Mohammad doll because its in the mainstream made by Mattel (the official Barbie people) who recognized Ibtihaj and made a collectors doll for her! That could be inspiring for so many little girls! Ibtihaj Muhammad Barbie Doll with Fencing Uniform ...

10. Jenna the Quran Teacher

And here’s another barbie like doll but she’s a Quran teacher! Check it out @jenna_the_quran_teacher


11. Fulla Dolls

Also just wanted to mention #fulladolls are still available and have only grown in variety. You can check out a whole collection of them

12. Hijarbie

You also need to check out the Hijarbie sensation on instagram @hijarbie


Little Muslim Dolls peg dolls

@littlemuslimdolls makes these amazing peg dolls! You can even ask her to make customized ones for your kids!

Deen and Dolls

@deenanddolls also has such a cute peg dolls collection

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