Personalized Books for Muslim Kids

I wanted to get a personalized book for the kids for Eid Inshallah, so I was looking around to see what was available. Technically ALL kids books can be personalized for Muslim kids. However, I was looking for books with Islamic storylines or those that have options for hijabi moms! Here’s a few that I found. I’ve also included mainstream options as well.

  1. Wish Upon My Story

@wishuponmystory has a wonderful book titled Perfect Eid where you can choose from several avatars with hijabs!’

2. Little Hibba

@littlehibba has such a cute book titled “My Dua for You” which can be personalized for both boys and girls

3. Amazing Fables

@amazingfables has a book titled My Sweet Muslim Boy or Girl which is again personalizable!

4. Dreamy Dazed

5. Muslim Tree has several items that can be personalized which includes a Wudu book and Learn how to pray book



Family Stories

@familystoriesbooks has a book where the child travels around the 7 countries learning their cultures

Signature Gifts

@signaturegiftsinc has MANY options including personalized science books??!

Hooray Heroes

@HoorayHeroes has the most personalizable options among these and while they don’t have Islamic storylines, the stories are AMAZING

Droll Duck

@drollduck from Malaysia has “The Underappreciated Booger” (This is NOT for me personally, but I’m sure people with kiddos especially boys would love this!)

Manimal Tales

I See Me Books


My Very Own Goods

instagram: @myveryowngoods

Story Academy


First Time Books





@papier has a cute story titled “All the Things I with for you”



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